Popper / Speed jigging

Brutal Amberjacks, Rooster fish, Cubera snapper and much more in the remote waters of the Panamanian Tuna Coast!


Popper fishing in West Africa

A forgotten island world outside west Africa in the Atlantic ocean. Very cool popper fishing after a long range of different species.

Egypt - Lake Nasser

The mighty Nile perch

When the river Nile was tamed, a wast lake was created in the Nubian desert. This gave the Nile perch possibilities to grow large.

The Red Sea

Popper & Speed jigging

The Red Sea has a lot to offer. Lots of Giant Trevallies and other powerful fishes in the waters of southern Egypt and northern Sudan.

Canada - Fraser River

White Sturgeon

Breathtaking and untamed nature in British Columbia where the Great White Sturgeon in Fraser- & Harrison River is the main character.