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2017 has been a surprisingly good year of photography since I´ve been working full-time with non-photography things. Here´s a little throwback with some of my personal favourites from the past year – including some short movies.

2017 started off with an invasion of Hawk owls. Between January and March I had the joy of following a handful of them and the the season were crowned by a Great Grey Owl that my fiance Jenny found! Add a couple of Pygmy owls to that and you might realize I was in Owl heaven 🙂

A little slideshow from last winters owl sessions:

Spring came along with all the returning migrating birds. And a couple of owls…

This summer I had the privilege to follow a couple of Long-eared owl families. They were the main target for my photography, but some other birds got caught by the camera aswell!

Finally time for some shorebirds – a favourite time of the year. I have begun to film with my DSLR and that´s a challenge when it comes to focus and birds. This autumn I made two short movies and one Autumn special for “naturum Getterön” – where I partly work.

November was Panama-time! I will not post too many pictures from that trip since I recently blogged about it and there´s more to come. Link to Part 1 and Part 2. After that I spend some time with Bearded reedlings and now it´s time to write 2018. I am really looking forward to a new year of wildlife photography. See you on the other side 😉

The end!

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