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Puffins at Runde – Part 1

In the middle of May I traveled to the island of Runde in Norway to fulfill an old dream – to see and photograph the charming Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica). Normally the weather is quite warm at this time of the year and had been so for quite a while, but when I arrived snow, rain and stormy weather arrived. It was quite a challenge to make something out of this conditions, but I trusted that my non-weather proofed camera and lens would survive the harsh weather. And they did, so I managed to get some pictures. Here´s a few first frames and more will follow.

A Puffin in snowy conditions.

Two White-tailed Eagles over the scenic surroundings of Runde.

It almost felt like this Puffin apologized for the weather.

Too wet, even for a Puffin…

There were times when the sun came through the clouds and gave some nice light conditions.

Runde, Norway – May 2019


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